Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses & Owner Information

Within 30 days of becoming the owner, keeper, or harborer of any dog more than 3 months of age or owner of a dog kennel or any dog which is brought from outside the state you must file an application for registration. (ORC 955.01)

Dog licenses are available online , at the Auditor's office, and the Miami County Animal Shelter all year. Dog licenses are available at selected outposts from December 1st through January 31st. If you have found a dog wearing a Miami County dog license, you can use the website to locate dog and owner information. Go to the license search icon and then enter the license number and year.

Make sure your dog is wearing their current dog license so we can easily find the owner and get your pet home!

Remember to contact the animal shelter if you move or change your phone number.

 2019 Fees:

1 Year Tag - $16.00 ($32.00 after January 31st)

*3 Year Tag - $48.00

*Permanent Tag - $160.00
(Valid for the life of that licensed pet and is NOT transferrable)

Kennel Tag - $80.00 ($160.00 after January 31st)
(for approved applicants; available only at the Animal Shelter)

* 3 Year and Permanent tags available for purchase at the Auditors office only