Property Fraud Alert

Property and Mortgage Fraud are two of the fastest growing crimes in America. These crimes can be as simple as someone filing a fraudulent lien against your property or filing a fraudulent document to make it appear as though they own your property. The Miami County Recorder's Office offers Miami County residents a free notification service to help combat mortgage and lien fraud.

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What is Property Fraud Alert (PFA)?

Property Fraud Alert is a free notification service that alerts subscribers (via email, text message, or voice phone call) each time a document is recorded in Miami County with their name on it.  The subscriber must select one method of notification.

How much does it cost?

The service is provided by the Miami County Recorder's Office and there is no cost to use the service.

How many subscription names can I enter?

You may enter as many personal, business or trust names as necessary.  You may also monitor multiple names using the same contact method (email, text, or phone call) for each.  Finally, you may sign up for the same name multiple times but request a different contact method each time.

Can I enter more than one name at a time?

No.  You must make separate subscription entries for each individual name (personal or business).  For a married couple or for those who share the same last name, you must make individual subscription entries for each person.

My first name is often spelled many ways; how should I enter it?

It is highly recommended that you enter only the first letter of your first name in the first name field.  For example, with a name such as Steve, Stephen, or Steven, you may wish to enter the letter "S" in the first name field.  Or you may wish to enter the first few letters of your first name to limit the number of first name matches.  For example, if the letters "St" are entered, a name match may result for the names Steven, Stan, Stacy, Sterling, etc.

My last name, business name, or trust name is spelled differently on occasion; how should I enter it?

To illustrate, let's use the last name "Van Buren" as our example.  This name may at times be spelled with a space in it ("Van Buren") and at other times with no space ("VanBuren").  For cases like this, it is highly recommended that you make two separate subscription entries with both name variations. For the Property Fraud Alert system to work as intended, and for notification alerts to be sent, the last name spelling, or business name spelling of the subscription must match exactly.

My last name is very common; will I receive notification alerts that could possibly belong to someone else?

It is very possible to receive an alert that may actually pertain to another individual with the same last name (and first name) as you.  Again, make sure you enter the last name spelling exactly the way you wish the system to search for it.

My name is John Smith Junior (Jr.), how would I enter that into the subscription form?

It is imperative that you DO NOT enter the suffix of your name (Jr., Sr., etc.) while entering your name into the subscription form.  Only enter your first name information into the first name field and your last name into the last name field.  The same advice applies with middle names; do not enter a middle name (or middle initial) into the first or last name fields.

I own a business, how should I enter my business name?

Business names should be entered exactly as the business name is spelled; "ACME Printing Company", "Smith & Smith", "XYZ Business Corporation".  There may be times, however, that the county may index these names differently.  For example, "XYZ Business Corporation" could possibly be indexed as "XYZ Business Corp".  In this situation the name match would occur only if you entered "XYZ Business Corp".  Therefore, if your business name could contain variations similar to this, we highly recommend that you make an additional subscription entry with that variation.

My property is part of a trust, how should I enter my trust name?

Trust names should be entered exactly how the trust name is spelled; "John Smith Revocable Trust", "John H Smith Revocable Trust", "John Smith Living Trust".  There may be times, however, that the county may possibly index these trust names differently.  For example, "John H Smith 2020 Trust" could possibly be entered as "John H Smith Trust".  In this situation the name match would occur only if you entered "John H Smith Trust".  Therefore, if your trust name could contain variations similar to this, we highly recommend that you make an additional subscription entry with that variation.

What if my name, my email address, or my phone number changes?

You will need to subscribe again using your new email address or phone number.

How long does my name remain on the PFA notification list?

Your subscription will remain active indefinitely.

I own multiple homes and/or property in several counties; will one subscription entry in one county cover me for all counties?

No, you must subscribe to each county individually.  The Property Fraud Alert system is managed county by county.  Visit the home page of Property Fraud Alert ( to see the full list of participating counties. 

What information is provided on a PFA alert notification?

The alert notification will contain the following information: county location, document number, document type, recorded date, and the matched party name (personal, business or trust).  

*Please note that telephone notifications may come from a number originating in Iowa.

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