Please take a moment to complete the following questions, in our Opinion Poll below, based upon the experience you had with Miami County Public Transit.

If you have any additional questions, concerns or feedback, please let us know

Opinion Polls

  1. How often do you utilize Transit services?

  2. Are you directly affiliated with an organization? Or are you an employee of an organization that collaborates with Transit? If yes, please let us know who you work with.

  3. How impactful would a $1 fare raise be to you?

  4. Would you utilize a specific transit route with stops versus our current service if it was cheaper?

  5. What kind of impact would it be to you as a rider if our Elderly and Disabled Program (Blue Card Program) was no longer able to be offered?

  6. Out of the four places listed, where would you want to visit the most if it was offered as a specific stop on a route?