Local Rule 13



In any matter pending in this Court in which a trustee, receiver or other fiduciary has been appointed by this Court, and such fiduciary desires to secure from the Court an allowance of compensation for their services and/or for attorneys fees for services rendered, such fiduciary or attorney on their own behalf shall:

(A) File in this Court a written application for such allowance, which application shall contain notice of the time and date for the hearing of the same, which shall not be less than seven (7) days from the filing of the application, and a sufficient number of copies of the application shall be filed so that one copy shall be available to each counsel of record in the case.

(B) Upon the filing of the application and copies, the Clerk of this Court shall forthwith mail one copy to each counsel of record in the case, except that where several parties are represented by the same counsel, it shall be sufficient compliance herewith to mail one copy to such counsel. At or after the time and date of the hearing on the application, the Court shall make such order and judgment as it may deem proper.

(C) The provisions of this rule shall not apply to applications for compensation where the amount requested is less that One Hundred Dollars ($100); nor shall the rule be applicable to actions wherein such fees or compensation are fixed in journal entries which are approved by counsel of all other parties in the case