Appendix A: Domestic Relations Required Filings

In order to file the following actions, all of the required forms must be fully completed, signed by the indicated parties, and presented to the clerk at the time of filing.  Failure to present all required forms will delay the filing of the action until all forms are provided.

To unrepresented parties: No member of the Court can give you legal advice, or advise you in drafting the documents or filling out the forms. You are strongly urged to seek the advice of an attorney, even if you believe your case is relatively simple and you agree on all terms. An attorney can help put your agreement into the proper legal format and ultimately save you time, aggravation and expense that can result after filing the case, only to find the divorce or dissolution or the custody/support request cannot be granted because of a failure to comply with Ohio law.

Dissolution Without Children

Dissolution With At Least One Minor Child

Divorce, Legal Separation or Annulment With No Minor Children

Divorce, Legal Separation, Custody and/or Child Support With at Least One Minor Child

Post Decree Motions