County Engineer

Greetings from your Miami County Engineer. Our office coordinates efforts with the Board of County Commissioners to carry out a variety of duties outlined in the Ohio Revised Code, including those below:

  • MAINTENANCE OF COUNTY HIGHWAYSWe are responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of the county highway system, including paving, bridge repair/replacement, traffic control, safety improvement projects, mowing, edge line & center line paint striping, and snow removal. We maintain 423.37 miles of roadway, 8,804 signs, 342 bridges, and 2,693 culverts, and provide engineering assistance to our 12 county townships, whose workforce's maintain 268 miles of roadway.
  • DRAINAGE: Our office is responsible for roadside drainage, as well as maintenance of certain agricultural drainage infrastructure. This infrastructure includes 11.95 miles of open ditches, 6.74 miles of underground tile, and 0.42 miles of grass waterways.
  • MAPPINGThe Tax Map Department is responsible for creating, updating and organizing the tax maps for Miami County, as well as the creation of a current, accurate map of the County as a whole. The Department maintains 13,200 survey plats, 4,019 record plats, 2,873 tax maps, 745 aerial photos, and numerous other maps and atlases.
  • ENGINEERING/SURVEYINGWe are responsible for the engineering and surveying associated with the design, coordination and inspection of County road and bridge-related construction projects, the review of proposed site development plans, and the processing of permits for work undertaken in the road right-of-way.

Explore this section to access information on Permits, Road Closings, News Releases, our Annual Report, and other useful information. If you don't see what you need, don't hesitate to contact our office at (937) 440-5656.