The Miami County Sheriff has many responsibilities and in order to fulfill these responsibilities employs a wide range of personnel. The current staff at the sheriff's office numbers approximately 115 and is divided into three main divisions. The divisions consist of deputy sheriffs, corrections officers, and records personnel.

By law, the Sheriff is in charge of the county jail and all persons confined therein. In Miami County we have two jails. The primary jail is downtown at the Miami County Safety Building and is currently certified to house a maximum of 48 prisoners. The second jail (Miami County Incarceration Facility) is north of Troy and has the ability to house a maximum of 240 prisoners when fully funded and staffed. The Incarceration facility was reopened in July of 2013 after being closed for 3 1/2 years due to budget constraints. Funding was approved to open three of four pods for a maximum of 120 minimum security male inmates and 60 minimum security female inmates.

The Sheriff also helps maintain a secure court system by providing courtroom security. Section 311.07 of the Ohio Revised Code places the responsibility of the courtroom upon the Sheriff, under the direction and control of the board of county commissioners.

The Sheriff is also responsible for the service or "delivery" of legal documents in Miami County. This includes summonses, subpoenas, and lawsuits. The Sheriff also serves evictions, repossessions, and seizes and sells property as ordered by the court.

The sheriff's office also transports hundreds of prisoners each year. Deliveries are made to and from state institutions, holding facilities, courts, medical and mental health facilities, and extraditions are made from other states.

Our patrol division has the responsibility to provide law enforcement services. Deputies handle calls and patrol the unincorporated areas. We also provide the primary law enforcement duties through agreements and contacts with the Village of Bradford, Village of Pleasant Hill, Village of Laura, Village of Fletcher, Village of Casstown, Bethel Township, and the Miami County Park District. Deputies can also be called upon to assist other Sheriffs in other counties during emergencies.

Besides the responsibilities already listed, many other tasks such as sex offender registration, web based background/fingerprint checks, and the issuing of permits for carrying a concealed weapon are also assigned to the Sheriff.