County Commissioners

General Session Meetings

  • 9:00 a.m.every Tuesday
  • 1:30 p.m.every Thursday
  • Safety Building
    Commissioners Hearing Room
    201 W. Main St.
    Troy, OH 45373

Work Session Meetings

  • 9:00 a.m. every Thursday
  • Safety Building
    Commissioners Hearing Room
    201 W. Main St.
    Troy, OH 45373

The Board of County Commissioners reserves the right to change, add, or delete regular meetings and work session as it deems necessary.

Evening & Special Sessions

Evening meetings are held at the discretion of the board throughout the county. Special sessions are held only as necessary and announced at least 24 hours in advance per the Ohio Revised Code. The public is welcome to attend all sessions.


About the County Commissioners

Each commissioner is elected at-large to serve a four-year term. The State of Ohio consists of 88 counties all served by a board of county commissioners with the exception of two counties, Cuyahoga and Summit, each of which operates under a Charter form of government.


The general responsibilities of the board are centered in the areas of financial management, management of county facilities, and personnel administration. The board exercises its statutory powers in budgeting, appropriating monies, levying taxes, issuing bonds and notes, and letting contracts for public works and services. Other responsibilities of the commissioners include:

  • Hearing and ruling on:
    • Annexations
    • Road petitions
    • Zoning applications
  • Approving drainage improvements through the petition ditch process
  • Establishing water and sewer districts and making improvements
  • Providing for solid waste disposal

To learn more about the specific duties and powers of the Board of County Commissioners, refer to Chapter 307 in the Ohio Revised Code.

Cooperation with Elected Officials

Many citizens believe the County Commissioners have authority over elected officials; however, the Board of County Commissioners works in cooperation with these officials. The Board of Miami County Commissioners is directly responsible for the following county offices:

  • Animal Shelter
  • Communication Center
  • Department of Development
  • Emergency Management Agency
  • Job and Family Services
  • Maintenance Department
  • Sanitary Engineering
  • Transit