Thinking for a Change- A 13-week course containing 26 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy lessons. The course is divided into three individual areas: Problem Solving, Cognitive Self-Change and Social Skills. Problem solving improves participants’ ability to think through problems more effectively. Social Skills offer participants a chance to learn common skills that are used to improve communication such as active listening and understanding the feelings of others. Finally, Cognitive Self-Change allows participants skills on gaining control of their thinking in all situations. When participants complete the group, they have all of the skills needed to become more pro-social.

Carey Guides-Are Workbooks that cover multiple areas of concern for our clients. Some of the topics include but are not limited to: Family issues, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Criminal Thinking and Anti-Social Peer Associations. The work sheets are designed to help clients think and consider how these areas have or are currently impacting their lives.

Brief Intervention Tool System (BITS)-BITS are quick tools an officer can do with a client. The interventions are design to be brief and completed during office appointments. Some of the areas BITS are designed to address: Substance Abuse, Criminal Thinking, Problem Solving and Peers.

No Worries Workbook-The No Worries workbook is 124 methods including Lists, Activities and Prompts that allow clients who struggle with Mental Health concerns such as anxiety. The activities are designed to get the clients out of their heads and back into their lives.