Common Pleas Court


201 W. Main St.
Safety Building, 3rd Floor
Troy, OH 45373

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Pratt, Jeannine N. Judge 937-440-6019  
Wall, Stacy Judge 937-440-6021  
Parker, Janna Magistrate   937-440-5913  
Hall, Rebecca Magistrate   937-440-6017  
Ostendorf, Teresa Judicial Assistant/Bailiff - Judge Pratt 937-440-6019  
Hebb, Kimberly Judicial Assistant/Bailiff - Judge Wall 937-440-6021  
Courtney, Paul Staff Attorney to Judge Jeannine N. Pratt 937-440-6020  
Bacon, Steven Staff Attorney to Judge Stacy M. Wall 937-440-6022  
Smith, Stacy Court Administrator/Jury Commission 937-440-5992  
Stipek, Karolyn Judicial Assistant to Magistrate Janna L. Parker 937-440-5913  
Leggett, Mandi Judicial Assistant to Magistrate Christopher Gee 937-440-6017  
Silvers, Ashley Senior Pre-Sentence Investigator 937-440-6055  
Lande, Justin Chief Probation Officer 937-440-6070  
Atkins, Via Secretary - Adult Probation 937-440-6056  
Kanet, Jonathan Probation Officer 937-440-6070  
Sheffer, Alexis Probation Officer 937-440-3556  
Dodd, Andrew Probation Officer 937-440-6060  
Utrecht, Allison Court Services Officer 937-440-3527  
Mason, Alexa Probation Officer (937) 440-3561  
Magoteaux, Jared Pretrial Supervision Officer (937) 440-6067