Juvenile Probation

Miami County Juvenile Probation Officers work mainly with delinquent and unruly youth who have been formally charged and adjudicated. Youth are assessed regarding their areas of risk and needs and then ordered onto probation if deemed appropriate/necessary by the Judge or Magistrate. The goal is to assist the youth to learn to behave responsibly. The Probation Officer will meet with the youth and parents regularly to review supervision conditions and to create an individualized treatment plan based on the youth’s needs, risks and strengths. The goal is to assist the youth and family in making needed changes in order for the youth to be able to successfully change those behaviors which resulted in the appearance before the Court as well as to put measures in place to protect the community and to allow the youth to make amends for the harm the behaviors have caused. The Probation Officer will monitor the youth’s progress and compliance with court orders and will also assist the youth and their family in obtaining needed services through other agencies within the community.