Do I have to respond to the jury summons?
To answer your question directly, yes. Your jury summons is an official court order. If anyone fails to report for jury duty without a lawful excuse from the court, they may be brought before the court for possible contempt of court proceedings. If found in contempt by the judge, the court may impose a fine and/or other punishment as provided by Ohio law. Indirectly, let us say this. Without jurors, the jury system cannot work the way the authors of the Constitution of the United States wanted it to. We realize the sacrifice that we are asking you to make. We also understand that you may be apprehensive about being called to serve. However, the overwhelming majority of people who serve find the experience to be highly rewarding. When asked, most people say they wouldn't mind to do it again sometime in the future. Jury duty for most people will mean a substantial, though temporary, change to your everyday life, rearranging schedules and missing work. But if you were ever involved in a dispute or charged with a criminal offense, wouldn't you want someone just like you to make those same sacrifices in order to be a part of your jury?

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