Education Opportunity Program

Each youth enrolled at West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility (WCJRF) has the opportunity to take part in our educational programing, operating under the supervision of the Troy City School District, which allows students to progress through their education whether they are on course through their home districts or behind in their credits towards graduation. It is our goal at WCJRF to give these students an education that is both useful for their everyday success in society as well as giving them the resources they need to pursue a higher education.

The education program at WCJRF is staffed by state-certified, highly qualified, teachers in the core subjects of Math, Science, English and Social Studies. In addition, we also staff an Intervention Specialist, employed through Troy City Schools, who specializes in IEPS and other forms of assistance to those students who struggle in education for various reasons. Upon arrival, we give pre-tests to the students in order to better place each student where they will best succeed. We also administer post-tests in order to gauge the effectiveness of our program.

WCJRF is operated as a blended educational system, as defined by the Ohio Department of Education. It uses a blend of online classes in Odyssey Ware, teacher-assisted bookwork, and traditional classroom instruction. Much of our educational program is designed to assist students in earning credits toward their high school graduation. Each student is tutored through their own individual plan for obtaining the credits they need to graduate.

Our program offers a wide range of resources to aid in student learning as well as widening student interest in reading and research. We have a library that is home to various text books, encyclopedias, a non-fiction section, as well as a large fiction section that the students can peruse. Each student has the option to check books out of our library twice a week, and depending on school projects, more than two times a week.

In conclusion

All students are assessed via their high school credits in order to help them to meet their individual needs. Our goal is for each student to have the opportunity to continue their education, and to either have the opportunity to continue their education upon discharge from our program, or to be able complete the credits needed to graduate while they are still present in our program. We value each student and strive to help them achieve heights of education they may not have had opportunity of on their own.