Treatments & Programming

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling

The West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility employs the use of Cognitive Behavioral Interventions/curriculums such as Pathways to Self Discovery and Change, Thinking for a Change, Aggression Interruption Training, Relapse Prevention, Moral Reasoning, and individual and family counseling to address assessed and specific crimineogenic needs. These interventions are provided by our highly trained staff and licensed mental health therapists. West Central also provides psychiatric care for those youth in need of pharmacological treatment. All primary therapists receive a minimum of three hours of clinical supervision monthly to ensure best practices.

Sex Offender & Gender Specific Programming

West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility offers programming to young men adjudicated on felony sex offenses. We believe that these are not bad kids, but individuals who engaged in harmful behaviors to meet unmet needs. Behaviors, by definition can be modified. West Central utilizes group, family and individual counseling for the purpose of reducing and eliminating deviant sexual thoughts, attitudes and behaviors, thus diminishing the likelihood of further sexual offenses. West Central has been a certified Sex Offender Treatment facility since May of 2009. All efforts are made to adhere to the required standards to maintain certification. Sex Offender groups are facilitated up to 5 times per week. Stats for sex offender group below is per youth per group.

Religious Programming

West Central allows religious freedom to all residents and provides for the personal expression of that religion. However, all activities must comply with all facility safety and security rules. Bible study and church services are available on a weekly basis. Family clergy may make appointments to visit individual youth on Wednesdays or other days if necessary for scheduling purposes.

If a resident's religious belief requires special dietary consideration, documentation would need to be submitted to the Director. The food service Manager would then see that the dietary changes are made for that youth as long as they are reasonable, consistent with the religious belief, and do not pose a threat to the facility operations or other youth.