Principles and Goals

West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility Guiding Principles for Treatment with Adolescent Offenders

  • Community Safety and victim justice must be made the first and overriding concern of our treatment model. We are victim centered with primary emphasis on well being of past and potential victims.
  • The treatment of the youth we serve requires not only an assumption, but a belief that there is a part of the youth that wants to change but is somehow restrained by certain cognitive and emotional beliefs. We must also believe that all behavior is generated by an attempt to meet a need, and a youth's actions are his best attempt at need attainment and fulfillment.
  • Treatment interventions focused on assisting the client in identifying and loosening the restraints to responsibility will achieve quicker results than treatment focused on breaking down resistance to treatment.
  • Treatment interventions that are based on power and coercion can and do feed into a youth's restraints to exploring healthy options for change.
  • Treatment interventions that are based on power and coercion can and do feed into a youth's restraints to exploring healthy options for change.
  • Treatment inherently involves a re-definition of self, what it means to be a man, as well as the rules for relating to others.
  • Individual treatment creates an opportunity for confronting struggles with self, considering new ways to meet needs, and building relationships based on trust, fairness and respect.
  • Group therapy is a forum for sharing these new initiatives, confronting personally destructive behavior, for learning healthy responses to difficult interpersonal situations, and for receiving praise and support for successful interventions.
  • Recognize that youth who offend are different from adults who commit crime. Responses to these youth MUST take into account these differences as well as their receptivity needs.
  • All involved with the treatment of youth must share a mutual commitment to work together.
  • Ensure the protection of the civil rights of the youth we serve. Firm and fair treatment that protects the community and helps to develop hope and a sense of efficacy within the offender for self-management and rehabilitation.

Program Goals

  • The goals of the West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility are:
  • To reduce commitments from counties to the Ohio Department of Youth Services.
  • To provide a healthy, safe, and secure setting in which juvenile felony offenders are encouraged to focus on improving themselves to become law-abiding citizens.
  • To provide a school setting that meets the educational needs of a variety of academic levels as well as accommodating learning disabilities.
  • To provide group, individual and family therapy based on cognitive theory to correct cognitive distortion (criminal thinking errors).
  • To develop an individual case plan that assesses and addresses the needs of all the youth in the program.
  • To provide the offender with awareness of the harm he has caused to his victims
  • To provide parenting skills through family counseling in order to promote more effective parenting.
  • To educate youth on substance abuse and addiction.
  • To promote positive peer relationships to facilitate a helping attitude on the part of the offender that will generalize to the community after release.
  • To develop an aftercare plan to include community support.