Property Fraud Alert

Property and Mortgage Fraud is one of the fastest growing white collar crimes in America. This crime can be as simple as someone filing a fraudulent lien against your property or filing a fraudulent document to make it appear as though they own your property. The Miami County Recorder's Office offers Miami County residents a free notification service to help combat mortgage and lien fraud. 

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Public Records Requests

Documents can be sent to the requesting party by e-mail, fax, U.S. mail or may be picked up at the Recorder's office front counter.

E-mailed copies are free of charge. In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, copies prepared by the Recorder's Office are $2.00 per page (pre-payment is required).

Online Searching

Individuals and businesses who frequently search Miami County records and wish to obtain remote access to documents may email the Recorder's Office to apply for online access to our Laredo search system.  (Online search is available for documents recorded after January 1, 1998).

                   Miami County Application for Laredo access

Search the Recorder's Index (1998 to present) (index information only- no application required)

*Records should be searched by party name and legal description. Parcel ID and address information is not provided for each document.*