Second Chance Court (Formerly Known as Drug Court) 

Drug Court graduation photo 1Drug Court graduation photo 2

The Second Chance Drug Court of Miami County Common Pleas Court – General Division has earned final certification from the Ohio Supreme Commission on Specialized Dockets.  

In order to receive certification, the Court underwent a rigorous review process, including a lengthy application, the submission of several program-specific materials, and a site visit from representatives from the Ohio Supreme Court.  Certification requirements included establishing eligibility requirements, evaluating effectiveness of the specialized document, and assembling a treatment team for daily operations of the specialized docket.   The team includes licensed treatment providers, law enforcement, probation officers and is headed by a specialized docket Judge.

The Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice, Maureen O’Connor congratulated Miami County Common Pleas Court and Judge Jeannine N. Pratt for receiving final certification.

“Specialized Dockets divert offenders towards justice initiatives that employ tools and tailored services to treat and rehabilitate the offender so they can become productive members of society.” said Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor.   “Studies have shown this approach works by reducing recidivism while saving tax dollars.”

Specialized Dockets are courts that are dedicated to specific types of offenses or offenders and use a combination of different techniques for holding offenders accountable while also addressing the underlying causes of their behavior.   Specifically, the goal of Miami County Common Pleas Court Drug Court Docket is two-fold: 1) to combat the recidivism of probationers whose primary cause of criminal activity is based upon drug addiction, while 2) creating a cost savings to Miami County through a decrease in jail days served by probationers and a decrease cost to the community through reduction in criminal activity.  These goals are achieved through frequent contact with and direction from the probation department, treatment providers and the Court.   Participants are held accountable for their behavior via drug/alcohol testing, counselor reports and in-court hearings, as well as the use of graduated sanctions and rehabilitative services.  

“The mission of Miami County Common Pleas Drug Court is to provide intense, specialized, and individualized supervision and treatment to participants with the aim of encouraging them to confront their addictions and problematic behavior and become productive members of society”, explained Judge Pratt.  “This in turn will reduce the likelihood of recidivism and protect the community as a whole.”  Judge Pratt further stated, “I am proud of the Court’s work in the Specialized Docket field, and am pleased to be associated with its recognized excellence.”   

For additional information, contact Judge Jeannine N. Pratt at 937-440-6019, Chief Probation Officer, Justin Lande, at 937-440-6062 or Megan Whitis, Drug Court Coordinator at (937) 335-4543 x 157 or E-mail: